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Whether you prefer wearing a sophisticated jacket, a bomber jacket on the cutting edge of fashion, a leather, biker-style blouson or a dual-fabric teddy jacket, jackets and blousons are essentials in a modern man's wardrobe. These clothes have allure and self-assurance, and allow you to change your look according to your mood.

Blazer jackets to finish off an outfit for the office, aviator jackets for a casual vibe, denim jackets or teddy jackets for a sportswear style, then there's parkas and trench coats: there is a huge choice of jackets and blousons for men. Those who like variations around materials may opt for leather, suede or sheepskin. They may also succumb to the temptation of a piece in tweed or velvet, with more elaborate lines. Jackets with vibrant prints and dual-fabric blousons will add a little verve to a casual outfit, whereas a mono colour jacket will go effortlessly with a more sophisticated look.

Of the iconic models of men's jackets and blousons, worth mentioning are the famous Burberry trench coat, the bomber jacket with a more urban look by Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana's leather jacket. On the jacket side, the pieces in wool by Gucci come to mind, bringing as they do an instant feel of elegance to any look. Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Rick Owens, and COS, Levi's and Nike, the men's jackets and blousons proposed are from collections by major designers and also ranges by more affordable brands.